Aqua school community application for warehouse officers

The aqua school community application for treasurer officers is designed and created for the purpose of promotion promotion and makes it easier for customers to order

Now is the time to be all-round easy and simple, not least the problem of ordering needs such as drinking water gallons. This is triggered by the rapid technological development and ease needed by prospective customers and business voters themselves.

This time I will introduce a mobile-based application that is very simple and useful for those of you who want to start a water supply business. This application has several features:

1. Multiuser

2. Simple transaction recording

3. Has a booking feature that can be adjusted

4. Has a chat feature between customers and admins

5. Has a real time data feature with firebase

and there are many more that might not be able to tell all in writing today.

Mungkin ada yang mempunyai pertanyaan kenapa tidak ada menu pembayaran? bagaimana kalai ingin melakukan pembayaran? 

Yes, the answer is no because this is only an application for "warehouse" officers and for officers of Bensahara there are separate applications. I have posted the aqua school community application for treasurer officers in a previous article.

Why are there Warehouse Officers and Treasurers all? indeed the application was made and designed to meet the needs of a CV that is in central java to be designed and created for the purpose of increasing promotions and simplify managing their finances.

This application is ONLY RIGHT so they only rent it to me with a very affordable collaboration value with features that are relatively in accordance with the agreement. In the cooperation agreement between us there is an affirmation that we have the responsibility to develop according to their needs without any limitations and the settlement time is agreed upon in the future.

But what about the application if the contract is over and not renewed?

In this collaboration, it is emphasized that they are renting in other words, the application is our full possession.

So if you want an application to support the needs of companies or individuals, we also accept rental applications with monthly payments according to the level of application complexity requested or purchased is also allowed. For reservations, please contact us here. Thank you