Avoid This So That The Smartphone Lasts

Smartphones must be properly maintained so they are long-lasting and durable. Now there are some things that must be avoided so that the smartphone is not easily damaged. Anything? see the review below:

Avoid This So That The Smartphone Lasts
Avoid This So That The Smartphone Lasts

Today's smartphones are often considered not durable by some people when compared to earlier smartphones. Though the assumption of most people is not true. Smartphone does not last long depending on the wearer itself. For example, as we will review below so you can avoid this so that the smartphone lasts.

Check often

Smartphone users often forget that their smartphone must be checked frequently. That is because it is very important to avoid physical damage from smartphones.

Use original charger

use the original charger default from the smartphone that has been tested from the manufacturer and has been designed in accordance with the capacity of the smartphone battery. This will be better when compared to using a charger that is not original. So avoid this so that the smartphone lasts.

Using official software

As much as possible avoid installing unofficial software or even the quality has not been tested. That is because unauthorized software can potentially carry viruses and will have a negative impact on your smartphone. Therefore, download the software in the default application store on your smartphone.

Place the smartphone in the correct place

usually people more often put their smartphone carelessly such as under a pillow or put it on a bed. Actually if this is done then you can be exposed to radiation from the smartphone. Apart from that, putting a smartphone under the pillow will also most likely cause damage because it will cause excessive heat on your smartphone.

Software update

Do an operating system update and also applications that are on your Smartphone regularly so that it is well maintained because it will be beneficial to the performance of your smartphone.

Clean your smartphone periodically

Clean your smartphone regularly like wiping your body and screen using a soft cloth and avoid cleaning your smartphone with water because it will make it moist.

Well, that's just a few reviews so you avoid this so that the smartphone lasts. Treat your smartphone like a valuable item so you will be careful when wearing it.