How to Download Photos on Instagram

Lots of interesting photos on Instagram. However, to download it is quite difficult. Now there will be no more difficulties, because there are easy ways that can be applied. How to? Check out the review below:

How to Download Photos on Instagram
How to Download Photos on Instagram

Maybe many people who do not know about how to download photos on Instagram, well before going to the core let's know a little about intagram. Instagram is a social media application that is currently popular among the public, generally millennial groups. Nearly everyone with a smartphone can access the internet and can install the intagram application to enjoy this application.

The standalone application generally contains photos, short videos (one minute duration), and also contains the status of daily activities with one-time access twenty-four hours. Intagram also provides various features such as sharing photos, videos, and stories. Not infrequently people use this application as an online capital business to promote various products.

How to Download Photos on Instagram Easily

So many interested in this intagram application is undeniable, that we are interested in downloading photos, videos, and stories from people we might admire, enjoy, even idolized. Unfortunately the download feature on the Intagram application is not available.

But now you do not need to worry, the following will be reviewed on how to download photos on intagram. Now here are two ways, by using a special application to download Instagram and by accessing certain sites in an existing web application.

  1. Instagram Downloader application

You can download this application for free on Playstore or Appstore on smartphones. The way to download photos on Instagram through this application is as follows.

  • Install the Instagram downloader application.
  • Log in and register your identity.
  • Search for the search symbol and type links from photos, videos on Instagram.
  • Download the link in accordance with the capacity you want.
  1. Enter the internet site

Enter the web browser that is available on your device, then enter the dredown link in the search, following a review of how:

  • Open search engine in your web browser, for example google search.
  • Enter the dredown site in the search.
  • Click the top view (dredown) to enter the site then enter the photo links, videos from Instagram into the search icon.
  • Download photos, videos that you want according to the desired capacity.

Thus simple tips on how to download photos on Instagram, hopefully useful and good luck.