How to Download Youtube Videos

Youtube is one of the most popular video sharing platforms today. But unfortunately, videos on Youtube are not easy to download. To overcome this, you can use this method:

How to Download Youtube Videos
How to Download Youtube Videos

For internet users, YouTube is indeed very popular. Because, on YouTube we can see various videos that we want easily. Especially at this time many video or film makers uploaded on YouTube. As connoisseurs of videos on YouTube, of course we want to download the video so as not to spend a lot of quota when watching it directly on YouTube. Well, to download videos on YouTube is quite easy, complete here is how.

Here's How to Download Youtube Videos

On YouTube now there are lots of funny videos and good movies. When you come across a video that makes the mood improve, there must be a desire to download it. Maybe for some many people are already adept at saving YouTube videos. However, for ordinary people, of course aka confusion how to download it.

Now, you don't need to be confused anymore. Because, here is a young way to download videos on YouTube that you can do without using additional applications:

  1. Select Video

First, you must open YouTube and make sure your internet network is smooth. After that, choose which video you want to download.

  1. Copy Link

After the video has been selected, play the video. well, at the bottom of the video, there is an arrow icon or share button. Select the share icon. will automatically appear and then copy the link.

  1. Paste Link

after that, visit the site in the browser. If you have been able to paste the YouTube video link that you copied the link earlier. Wait until the video snippet you selected earlier and the menu to select the desired video quality.

  1. Download

If you have pasted the video link, a new tab will automatically appear containing the video trailer. Then select the point three at the bottom right of the video to download and wait for the download to finish. If so, you can check in your gallery.

Well, that's an easy way to download YouTube videos. In this way, you no longer need to use additional applications to download videos on YouTube. When there is an easy way, why should you look for complicated ways. Good luck and hopefully useful.