How to Hide WhatsApp Chat

Whatsapp is now a popular chat application. There are several ways you can do Whatsapp to be more private. One of them is hiding Whatsapp chat, how to do it?

How to Hide WhatsApp Chat
How to Hide WhatsApp Chat

Do you have friends who are nosy and often borrow your smartphone to read and read chat on your WhatsApp? Now if you do then you can work around this by hiding WhatsApp chat so that your secret messages are unread and your village is hiding.

The method certainly does not hide the message completely, it's just that method to archive the message. By hiding the WhatsApp chat, your secret messages or all messages can be hidden. Here is how.

 How to hide certain chats

If you want to hide certain WhatsApp chats then on the WhatsApp chat screen you can choose certain substances that you want to archive and hold. Depok right above there is a dot and in it will appear the archive icon. If there are multiple chats that you want to hide then just tap on which chats you want to archive. Archive icon is described as a down arrow. And messages that you archive will not appear on your WhatsApp chat screen.

How to restore a chat that has been archived

You can scroll to the bottom of the chat screen and you will find the words "archive chat or chat archive" also follow with the number of chats that you have archived. Go to the archive menu then hold the chat you want to restore to the chat screen, then you can select the archive open or Unarchive icon that has a sign like an arrow facing up.

How to hide all chats

The trick is to enter the Settings menu, select Chat, History, then select Archive All Chats.

How to restore all chats that have been archived

The trick is to enter the Chat History menu and select Unarchive all chats. Or you can also enter the Archive chat menu, click and hold one of the chats, click on the point three in the upper right corner and select Select all and your chat has reappeared.

Now that's a few ways to hide WhatsApp chat, but you should know that the chat that you archive will appear by itself if there is an incoming chat from the chat that you archive.