How to Save Internet Data

Internet data is now a basic need of every human who is active in cyberspace. Without internet data, ordinary daily activities are disrupted. For this reason, internet data usage must be economical, in this way:

How to Save Internet Data
How to Save Internet Data

Surely you want it, open a lot of applications like Instagram and YouTube to find the latest information or watch movies with economical internet data? Well, therefore to find out an easy way to save internet data, see the following review.

disable the synchronization option is not desirable.

The first way you can do to save internet data is to disable an account that has synchronization options. Well, the way to deactivate this account is to enter the settings menu after that select Account and select the account that will disable the synchronization option. If you have already done this, the application will not suck up your internet data. Because the application will not automatically be connected to the internet

Limit mobile data usage

On every Android cellphone, there will be a usage warning and system limit feature built in and of course you are familiar with the feature. Well, don't let this feature be idle. However, using this feature to provide data usage warnings when accessing applications that have exceeded the limit is how to enter settings select data usage, then cellular data and select cellular data limit set and then select to activate it.

Limit data usage in the background

We are never aware if the application that we use is wasteful of internet data. Well, so that this does not happen continuously, you have to stop using data in the background the way is to enter the settings select data usage, select three vertical lines at the top right, after that Restrict background data and select OK ..

Identify the application that is consuming data quota.

Well, to find out what applications suck up a lot of internet data, you can go to settings and select data usage. Well, on this page you will find out which applications suck up a lot of internet data and you can uninstall the application by replacing other applications that save on internet data.

Thus a complete review of how to easily save internet data. By doing some of these ways, now you will no longer spend a lot of money to buy data that is fast running out. May be useful!