How to track a lost smartphone

Smartphone is a necessity today. When the smartphone is lost, of course the activity will be too late. It turns out that the lost smartphone can still be found in the following way:

How to track a lost smartphone
How to track a lost smartphone

Smartphone is a secondary human need, but the usefulness of a smartphone is more than its needs. Therefore the very important role of smartphones is of course most people will be very confused if they lose their smartphone. But now you don't need to be confused or worry, here's how to track down a lost smartphone, see the following review:

  1. Using Google Map and Gmail

Google map is a map service that is used by connoisseurs of android to find out every corner of the location that is in this world. While Gmail is an email account that we use to access all services owned by Google. How to track a lost smartphone using Google Maps and Gmail is as follows:

  • Set up an electronic device that can access the internet, then visit the site or
  • Log in using the same account as the Gmail account on the lost smartphone.
  • Wait for buffering so that the device location service.
  • If successful our lost smartphone location service will appear.
  1. Using the Find My Device Application

The Find My Deviced application can be found on Playstore and Appstore for free. This application provided by Google can help us to get the location of our lost smartphone. Following are the steps to access this application:

  • Go to the google app store service to be able to download the Find My Diviced application.
  • Install the application and log in with the same Gmail account from your lost smartphone.
  • Wait for a few moments to get results from tracking the location of your smartphone.
  1. Using the Find My iPhone Application

For this one step, please ensure that the Find My iPhone and GPS application is activated. To activate the service (iPhone only) enter the settings menu - privacy - service location, now then slide Google from off to the on position. Also make sure that the Find My IPhone application is registered and permitted to access GPS.

The following steps must be done:

  • To track a lost iPhone, make sure the tracking device is an iPhone
  • Then enter the Find My iPhone application using our lost iPhone email account.
  • Click the detected device, to find the location of our iPhone.
  • If this process is successful, the iPhone location will appear from the available folder application.

Thus a brief review of How to track a lost smartphone may be useful!