How to Use Private Windows

Privacy is sometimes needed to secure important data that really should not be shared. For that, take advantage of private Windows to be more comfortable. How to? Check out the way below:

How to Use Private Windows
How to Use Private Windows

Nowadays browsing is a necessity for most people. Especially the main purpose of browsing is to search and find various information about various things. Either that includes regard to daily activities, the latest news and so on which are informative.

We can find various things by browsing, one of which is tips or how to use private windows. In computerized terms, this private mode is commonly referred to as mde incognito. This incognito or private mode is quite useful for those of you who don't want the internet search history to be known by others.

Steps to Enabling Private Mode in the Windows Browser

Generally, incognito or private mode has been widely used by browser connoisseurs. Nevertheless there are still many browser users who have not yet understood how to activate it. So from a good look at reviews about using the following private windows:

  1. On Google Chrome
  • First Tama create a shortcut on your desktop, then right-click and select Properties.
  • Then when in the Target column, type incognito at the end of the target name, click OK
  • So now when opening the Google Chrome shortcut by default it is already in private or incognito mode.
  1. Opera Browser

Same is the case with Google Chrome, in setting the private mode in Opera Browser the same and the difference is a little:

  • First keep creating new Opera shortcuts on your desktop. Right-click on the shortcut then click Properties.
  • Similar to Google Chrome, when in the target column type private at the end of the target name and then OK.
  • By default your Opera Browser is directly in private mode.
  1. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the most common browser and is often used by users throughout the world. In the activation of private mode is also different from other browsers, following his review:

  • First open Mozilla Firefox then open the Hamburger menu and select Options, OK.
  • In the Bring History section, there is a Privacy option, then select Firefox will never remember the history in the Dropdown menu. Finish

Thus a simple review of how to use private windows may be useful and good luck trying it.