More interesting Insta Story Tips

Not only feeds, instastory also must be interesting. To make it interesting is indeed rather difficult, but now there is a solution. Anything? Check out the review below:

More interesting Insta Story Tips
More interesting Insta Story Tips

Now Instagram doesn't want to be outdone by Snapchat. To match it, Instagram now offers a new feature called Instagram Story. There's a lot that you can do using Instagram insta story, upload photos, videos that are 60 seconds long or even just written form. Instagram is now available with features that can make insta story more interesting. Now to make your story more interesting, consider the following review.

Explore your creativity

So that your posts in the Insta story can be more interesting you can upload your Boomerang with a funny and interesting style. In addition, you can also use the zoom in-zoom out video feature on interesting objects. In fact, you can also decorate posts on Insta Story with interesting filters provided by Instagram.

Bye-bye ancient font

To post fonts in Insta Story, now you can choose several interesting fonts. In fact, you can adjust the font font that can have a shadow. In addition, you can also make the writing transparent.

In addition, you can also create your own shadow. Well, to make writing as if it has a shadow that is by making the same two writings, but for the writing one is made with dark colors and the other is made with bright colors. In fact, you can also adjust the size of the writing so that it looks more like a shadow by combining the two writings.

Create your own effects

For those of you who often upload posts on Insta Story, surely you are bored with the various features provided. Now, so that posts are more different and interesting, you can make your own filters. The trick is to make color fog on Instagram. The step is to insert an emoticon with the color as you wish, then enlarge the emoticon to produce the color you want. You can also make funny motifs in your posts by using the desired brush.

That's a review of more interesting insta story tips. By applying these tips, the appearance of Insta story posts will be more interesting and can increase the viewer and the possibility of followers can increase. May be useful.