Tips for Long Lasting Battery

A smartphone is nothing without batteries. But unfortunately, smartphone batteries do not last long. This depends on the usage. Now, to be more durable, apply this method:

Tips for Long Lasting Battery
Tips for Long Lasting Battery

The battery was first discovered in 1799, by an Italian physicist named Alexander Volta. Initially the battery was a stack of layers of zinc, salt water, cardboard, and silver which produced a power source. Unfortunately the battery can only be used once. However, after going through various studies found a modern battery that can be recharged. So it's more instant and easier to use.

This modern rechargeable battery can also have limited power capacity. In certain usage time scale will also run out. Then need to recharge. Now to minimize recurring charges, here are tips so that the battery lasts.

Battery Usage Tips To Stay Durable

Each battery has a certain capacity. So that the resistance of a battery in an electronic device cannot be leveled. Automatically we have to know how much and how far the capacity of a battery in its use for our devices. Here are tips for long-lasting and long-lasting batteries, including:

  1. Use smartphones wisely

Every application on our smartphone definitely needs power. So as much as possible we should use every application that is available according to our needs. If it's not used anymore we just need to close and refresh again.

  1. Avoid excessive notifications by using vibrate mode

Vibration mode is the advantage of a smartphone. So that we know every notification that goes into our cellphone. But I recommend that not all applications be activated by notification, so only use notifications to only important applications.

  1. Don't charge your cellphone all day long

This is a fatal problem that we are not aware of. Because when the battery gets excess recharger energy it will make the battery capacity does not accommodate that energy so that it can make the battery unstable next.

  1. Stay away from applications that display a lot of advertisements

Each application must have a certain size on our cellphone, so that it becomes how big the power requirements required from the battery for the application. Plus if the application displays a lot of advertisements will provide additional power to take power in the battery.

So a few tips so that the battery lasts, hopefully useful and good luck!