Ways To Decline the Whatsapp Group

Put in any group is annoying, moreover being included without our knowledge. Now there is a fast way to reject the WhatsApp group. How to?

Ways To Decline the Whatsapp Group
Ways To Decline the Whatsapp Group

Nowadays, it's very rare people who don't have whatsapp. In fact, now the text is almost gone. Because, using WhatsApp can send photos, videos, files, songs and others easily. Especially now that WhatsApp can be used for video calls. However, sometimes we feel annoyed when our numbers are often entered into a group without permission. Of course this is very disturbing. Well, to overcome this, you can refuse to be invited into the WhatsApp group.

The Easy Way to Reject Whatsapp Groups

Now there are many whatapps users who complain because they feel their privacy is interrupted by being added to a group without permission. Well, to anticipate this, you need to know the three options available on whatsapps to reject the whatsapp group invitation. Read more as follows:

  1. Everyone

This feature has only been applied to iOS users. In this option, anyone can invite you to enter any group. In fact, numbers that you don't save in contacts can also put you in a group. With this option, of course you will easily be included in the whatsapp group.

  1. My Contact

In this option, only the number that you save in the contact can enter your number in the group. The advantage of this contact, if you are an invitation from an unknown number, you will get a notification to accept or decline the group invitation. Well, if you are not pleased, you can decline the invitation of the whatsapp group.

  1. Nobody

The last option is to allow Ana to filter group invitations either from the number you have saved or not. So, it's easier for you to accept or decline the invitation from the notification. So with this Third option, your privacy will not be disturbed anymore.

Thus a complete review of how to reject the unwanted whatsapp group. In this way, your privacy will not be disturbed, so you can also feel calm. Because, if only someone enters your number into an unwanted group, it will certainly be very annoying. May be useful